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If you gave it a little more thought, you can tell that a leaking roof not only allows puddles of water to form in your living space but reduces your property’s value too. Get a local roofing expert right away. Simply enter your zip code, address, or contact (888) 204-8144 and we’ll provide you with the profiles of the best roofing companies near you.

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Rather Than Attempting to Fix the Roof Yourself, Hire a Professional

Are your roofing shingles giving way, moss flourishing on your rooftop, and your shimmering white ceiling gradually turning brown? If yes, it may be time to call in a roofing expert. Your DIY moves may save you a little bit; but definitely not for long. If done wrongly, it may even worsen the situation. Why not engage the services of a professional roofer to inspect the roof, and determine the root problems instead. Who knows? You might not even need a roof replacement. But you can save your roof only if you bring in an expert now!

How Can I Find Roofing Companies Near Me?

Don’t just settle for any roofer! You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you did. But finding the right roofing service isn’t easy you may say. That’s exactly what NearbyRoofers was established for - helping homeowners find reliable, licensed, and experienced roofing services near them. Enter your zip code or address in our search bar and we’ll provide you with a rich directory of local, licensed roofers who provide their prospective clients with free quotes, good customer service, have insurance, and charge competitive prices. Alternatively, call us at (888) 204-8144 directly.

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Most Popular Roofing Services

  • Roof Installation

    Many homeowners remain unfamiliar with roofs. Because of how seemingly challenging it is to deal with roof problems on your own, it’s important to hire a roofing contractor. Whether it’s a simple installation, or an elaborate one, pro roofers have got you covered. Roofing services can conveniently install metal roofing, wood shakes, shingles, clay tiles, and slate roofing.

  • Roof Inspection

    The roof isn’t exactly the fanciest part of a property, and so many homeowners are tempted to focus their energies on more visible parts like landscaping and wall painting instead. This can be a costly error. If you notice a leaking roof, and other small roof problems, consider calling in a roofing company immediately to inspect the problem and determine the best possible solutions before it worsens.

  • Gutter Repair

    Has your gutter gone bad from wear and tear over the years? Get it fixed by a professional and expert roofing service today. A reliable roofing service will check the integrity of the gutter, locate cracks and open seams, identify blockages, if any, and repair the gutter by loosening it and installing pieces of flashing.

  • Skylight Repair

    Skylights are a low-cost and stylish way of introducing light into your home, making it look posher and exotic. But when they go bad? They can increase your energy bills and cause leaking issues. A roofing contractor can help you fix it by inspecting the situation, locating the source of the problem, and proferring a long-lasting solution.

How Do I Know When My Roof Needs Repairing?

  • Storm damage

    Roof damage is often caused by heavy storms. Examples of these storms are rainstorms, tornadoes, ice storms, and ice storms. The high-speed winds accompanying some of these storms can also rip shingles off your roof in a split second. This opens up the roofs to leaks and in no time, the water drops begin to gather into puddles.

  • Growth

    Moss, mold, and fungi growth is a sign that some moisture has been trapped in the roof. Before calling in a roofing expert, ensure that the house is well ventilated, the house dry and the plumbing lines not leaking. By striking out other possibilities, you can be sure that the problem is really from your roofing.

  • Sagging roofline

    While a sagging roofline is not full proof that your roof needs replacement, it’s usually a pointer to a serious issue. Visible dipping, curving, or sagging of your roofline may be caused by a water-saturated roof deck or a framing issue. Although the leaking points on the roof can be patched, the roofing may need to be replaced if there are so many leakage points.

  • Interior water damage

    Water spots in the attic, streaks, and stains in the ceiling or walls of your home are signs that your roofing has been compromised. While these stains can be caused by leakages from other sources, it’s definitely a leaky roof if the stains are spotted near the top of your walls. Call in a roofing service to inspect the roofing and make recommendations.

Notice Before Hiring a Roofer In My Area

Avoid hidden roofing expenses

Sometimes there’s more to the cost of the roof repair or replacement than what the cost estimate or quote says. In a bid to keep the cost as low as possible, some roofers may not highlight possible additional costs like changing rotten wood, taking care of pests and mold infestation, etc. Ensure to work only with roofers who are transparent in all their dealings.

Compare roofing price quotes

Of course, price is a big factor when making a hiring decision. For best results as regards pricing, request quotes from three to five roofers and compare their cost estimates. Do not be roped in by low rates. The lowest quote isn’t necessarily the best choice. Take some time to check their customer reviews and the ratio of positive to negative ones too.

Choose experienced and licensed professionals

Cost isn’t the only thing that matters. Be sure you are working with licensed and professional contractors or roofers. Established roofing companies have the required permits and licenses to carry out their jobs. They may also have some insurance for their workers should any of them sustain any injury while working on your property.

Go for good communicators

How has the roofer responded to you thus far? Have they grudgingly provided answers to your questions? Has their customer service been subpar or exceeded your expectations? The last thing you want is to hire a roofer with little regard for her clients. In this case, getting answers and solutions may be difficult if any problem pops up during or after installation.


  • 1. What is the cost of a new roof?

    The type of roof has a huge part to play in how much a roof replacement will cost. Asphalt shingles replacement will cost you something between $5000 and $10500. Metal roofs cost more, between $8000 and $30000. Other factors that may influence the costs include the size of the roof, as well as the materials chosen.

  • 2. What is the lifespan of a roof?

    Again, this depends on the type of roof. Clay tiles, copper, and slate roofing last the longest - anything between 50 and 100 years. Metal roofs last between 30 and 75 years while asphalt shingle roofs last between 10 to 30 years. This stands, of course, only if they have not been compromised by heavy winds and storms.

  • 3. During the COVID-19 pandemic, how can I make an appointment or set up a consultation with a roofer?

    Contact the roofer via email or phone to know if they have provisions for virtual consultations and meetings. Also, make inquiries about their COVID-19 safety protocols. The installation or roof repair workers must wear their COVID-19 safety gear throughout the time they are on your property.

  • 4. What maintenance should be done on a roof?

    Roof replacements can be a little costly. But the good news is you won’t need one if you maintain the roof properly. Here are some tips to help. First, keep the gutters clean. Also, regularly clear snow loads off the roof, remove mosses and mold growth, look for attic and ceiling leaks and check for cracked shingles.

  • 5. What questions I should ask before hiring?

    Before hiring that roofing contractor or roofer, you should ask the following salient questions. Begin by asking if they have a written quote they can show you. Also ask if they have liability insurance, license, workman compensation, and warranty on the new roof.

  • 6. Does it take long to replace a roof?

    It can range from a day to three days, depending on the weather condition, job complexity, and roof accessibility. Speaking of job complexity, the number of angles, hips, valleys, facets, and the roof’s pitch are all important things to take note of.

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